Our performance solutions are an essential part of modern-day life.

Many of the things you touch and see contain our products. Even the things you eat and drink are purified by our solutions. As technology continues to advance, consumers increasingly demand efficient, high-performance products. Through collaboration with our customers and our focus on technology leadership, we are well-positioned to provide a broad range of innovative solutions for the ever-evolving consumer industry.


Affordable Power

Learn more about how we use power from an Ultra Supercritical coal fired power plant at the AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company in this United States Chamber of Commerce video.

Anti-Caking Additives

The consumption of health-conscious food products is increasing and formulators are struggling to find additives that are safe, cost-effective, and perform well in different temperature and pH conditions.

Our CAB-O-SIL® M-5F and CAB-O-SIL® EH-5F premium fumed silica additives are designed to act as carriers, flavor masking, anti-settling, thickening, anti-caking and oil substitution agents. They also facilitate the substitution of a portion of the fat contained in foods, while improving texture and maintaining flavor. This represents not only a cost savings opportunity for the food and beverage industry, but also a healthier choice for the consumer.


Skin and Beauty Care

Our products provide a broad range of unique properties that are well-suited for use in a wide variety of cosmetic and personal care products.

Featured Applications

Food & Beverage

Our products deliver functionality that ranges from how end products taste and smell to how they pour and are stored.

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Electronics & Energy Storage

Our performance additives and activated carbons are used to store energy, extract efficiency and increase capacity and lifetimes for batteries and more.

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Inkjet Technology

We offer innovative inkjet technologies and printing inks for commercial and desktop markets.

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Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care

Our innovative products and additives offer solutions for applications ranging from medicinal tablets to skin and beauty care.

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Water Purification

We provide activated carbon solutions for simple, pure H2O.

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